Kristan combines her knowledge and experience as a Root Cause Protocol Consultant with her Life Coach training to empower people to take control of their health. She also has a particular interest in sharing her knowledge of how minerals work in the body and is able to explain her understanding and interpretation of evidence-based research to simplify the ‘blah blah blah’ for her clients.

Kristan has completed training with Morley in 2017 as a Root Cause Protocol Consultant and has been a moderator of the Magnesium Advocacy Group much of 2017 as well. She’s been a helping hand in the group and of other families in the mineral area for several years prior to this. In the more ‘formal’ side of life, she has a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and a BSc(Hons), a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is qualified as a Life Coach.

Her own experience speaks louder than much of her training – she has transformed her own health dramatically from a lifetime of food reactions and other inflammation problems. Even more notably, she has supported her ‘highly allergic’ baby and older children to live calmer and healthier lives where the family no longer fears reactions that last for weeks to foods, asthma, eczema and behavioural challenges. This personal experience also gives her extra passion to help, plus plenty of empathy and understanding on how hard it can be to find your way.