Those who we have been attending our training vary so much in their reason to train… their drive.

They may already work in a field of health care, and want to add knowledge to their field. They may be a carer or parent who has helped someone (or themselves) to heal from illness, and now wants to help others too… and plenty of people just want to learn what this Root Cause Protocol is all about!

During the training, Morley and Kristan will take you on a journey through so much – from history of health care (and how that relates to now)… to teaching you some science at a level ALL can understand… to teaching you why stress is related to iron, copper and magnesium… and beyond.

This training will provide you gain a deeper understanding of the Root Cause Protocol – plus most importantly, provide you with tools that you can use to help yourself and others to apply what your learning and support them to understand further.

We want our trainees to continue the passion that they have for the truth, understanding and taking health decisions into our own hands, and to share that passion around!

Some highlights:

  • Understand the connection between iron, copper, retinol, vitamin d, magnesium and more, and our health
  • Understand what role stress plays in our health
  • Gain knowledge on what relationship blood and HTMA testing has to the human body, and how they tie into mineral dysregulation (+ the symptoms that result!)
  • Applying the knowledge shared freely before and during the protocol (“what about xxx condition or yyy?”)
  • Reviewing case studies and making connections of the knowledge gained, at a new level

To show how much our attendees love what these events are – here’s just one example of the feedback:


“After attending RCP in Detroit, USA, I can attest to the dedication behind those researches, the integrity of RCP Consultants, and the positive outcomes among their Consul-tees….”

Ponsi Swett
(Oct 2018 attendee)

Beyond the content, the social immersion and energy shared at these events is something we cannot really describe fully… it’s electrifying to see the connections between attendees – existing consultants who come along to get the newest updates from Morley chatting with the new trainees… everyone sharing meals together as well as the formal learning time.

You will have the opportunity to (separately) book in with Dr Liz to get some magnet therapy work done, and her other ‘magic hands’ healing work too (kinesiology, massage, and the like all combined).

We look forward to sharing this time together in the beautiful Hastings Point, New South Wales!

Chat soon,

Kristan, Morley and the team.