To answer the most common questions, Kristan has written this post to help you make an informed decision!

The General Overview

Who’s who in the zoo?
Morley and Liz are travelling from the USA to join Kristan in educating and empowering us on all aspects of the Root Cause Protocol (RCP).

When and Where to go?

Dates: 22nd, 23rd, 24th March 2019
Location: The Tribal Space – 777 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102
Time: 9am arrival for 9:30am start, concluding by approx 4:30pm
Transport/Parking: Free parking is available for all attendees, and public transport services this area well
Food: Food will be provided throughout the day (included in the ticket price).

Dates: We will be having a dedicated Consults Day on March 25th, however, there are other Consult times and dates available with Dr Liz, please follow this link to find out more.
Time: Varies – both seminars and retreat options for Dr Liz

Dates: 29th, 30th, 31st March 2019
Location: North Star Holiday Resort – 1 Tweed Coast Road, Hastings Point, NSW, 2489
Time: 9am-5pm Friday and Saturday, Sunday will conclude mid-afternoon.
Food/Accomodation: Food will be provided throughout the day + Accomodation is also included (within the ticket price).

Why bother?
These days will be jam-packed full of Root Cause Protocol foundations, current news, and so much more. There is more information on this throughout this post.

If you are interested in finding out more now, please check out this Facebook Live for more details.

What’s it all about?
Day 1: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
Day 2: Autoimmune conditions, Thyroid, Hormones & Disease
Day 3: Brain, body and beyond: How Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Heart disease, diabetes, and beyond, connect to minerals


  • Learn the science behind the RCP
  • Personal development
  • Learn how to do a consult (including the consultation process and application)
  • Unpacking lab results
  • Learning the connection between minerals and stress
  • Case studies
  • Gain a deep understanding of how the RCP applies to you
  • Use the RCP with family/friends
  • Incorporate the RCP into your existing work
  • Certification following final exam to join us as an RCP Consultant

What about YOU {how can this help}?
If you struggle to find the time and resources to care for your body and those you love, these events are for you!

It can be extremely hard to find the right information surrounding health issues in ourselves and our loved ones. The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) is centred around learning to feed your body the correct nutrients and supplements in order to balance Magnesium, Copper, and Iron — and repair cellular dysfunction.

If you are ready to gain more energy and clarity…

If you want more time and energy to spend with your kids and/or your family and/or you want to help others to do the same…
Please join us for one or ALL of these events.

Important Links

  • Find out more about the RCP in general here
  • Find out more about the Retreat here
  • Find out more about the Seminars here
  • Find out more about Consults with Morley, Dr. Liz and/or RCPC Consultants here

Question: What will be taught at the retreat?

We will dive in deep into the science and application of the Root Cause Protocol. It will be a combination of Morley sharing his presentations (& the science therein!), as well as significant question and discussion time, and case studies to help you understand the application. Past students have been invited back to refresh and hear new content, plus to support new students in getting started.

More specifically, here are some areas that will be covered:

  • Learn the science behind the RCP
  • Personal development
  • Learn how to do a consult (including the consultation process and application)
  • Unpacking lab results
  • Learning the connection between minerals and stress
  • Case studies
  • Gain a deep understanding of how the RCP applies to you
  • Use the RCP with family/friends
  • Incorporate the RCP into your existing work
  • Certification following final exam to join us as an RCP Consultant

There will be online resources available for students in the lead up to the training, so that you can start your knowledge infusion early and be even more ready for the heavily immersive retreat we have arranged!

Question: Who is the retreat for? Can I attend even if I’m not a practitioner or scientist?

This event is for practitioners as well as any individual who is passionate about helping themselves or others in understanding the root cause protocol. It is NOT just a practitioner course.

This course is however unlike any other course you have attended before, and WILL challenge you! You will be supported to take on the new knowledge and to be able to apply it after you leave.

If you decide to complete and succeed at the set exam after the training, you will be able to join us as a graduate RCP consultant and begin working where you choose to do so.

Question: What can I do after I complete the training? Am I able to work with clients when I complete it?

Individuals choose from a variety of options after completing this course as to what they will do next… often in their own time, not with a set plan or timeline.

Many complete the exam and then use it in their own home or family situation, and continue to grow their knowledge after the training with a view to becoming an active RCP consultant later.

A number choose to rapidly begin to use it within their existing practice, or others establish a new business and start to work with clients soon after. Then many fall between these two options.

Do you have a thirst for understanding what’s going on in the body and how to connect with your “ideal client”? JOIN US!

Question: What is included in the ticket costs for the seminars and retreat?

Include a full day of presentations supporting knowledge of the RCP and a yummy light lunch of whole food goodies.

Three days and two nights immersed at a beach-front resort at Hastings Point with the capacity to listen to and ask Morley and Kristan questions, learn from colleagues and fellow students. All accommodation and meals from the start at 9am on Friday until Sunday afternoon will be included.

If you wish to stay for an extra night at the start or end, options are available.

Question: What is Day 1 of the seminars about? How will you cover the topic “pregnancy birth and beyond”?

This day will have us dive into how minerals are involved in pregnancy for mother and baby, how this relates to birthing and newborn life, and linking into many of the common childhood scenarios that we see. Even if you are not having kids now, have never had kids, or don’t plan to any time soon, this day will give everyone an opportunity to reflect on their own situation and to be able to understand the RCP at a new level.

We will also talk about practical ways to apply the RCP for families including food preparation in some ways to get supplements into fussy eaters and so on. We will also discuss the importance of caring for the carer and how we can do this while supporting the rest of our family.

Question: Day 2, tell me more?!

On our Saturday event, the focus will be around hormone and related messaging systems in the body – this is connected to the adrenals, hormones, thyroid (including Hashimoto’s), food intolerances and the progression into autoimmune conditions in general – and how these relate to minerals. Stressed out minerally imbalanced bodies do not have enough bioavailable copper, retinol, magnesium isn’t available or nutrients recycling as they should.

In these events, we will focus on understanding how to apply the RCP when you may also contend with a long list of symptoms which hamper your efforts – everything from poor digestion, heavy menses, “iron anemia” diagnosis, food intolerances and/or histamine problems, poor sleeping patterns and low energy.

On the day, we will be mythbusting common misconceptions about minerals in hormone imbalanced bodies, in those with food intolerances, and those with autoimmune conditions. There’s a lot more in common than is so often connected! This underlying cause is widely misunderstood, and at this event, we will dig into the ‘hows’, the ‘why’ and most importantly the ‘what to do about it’! We will assist you to apply this in your own home and to really relate to your situation and the loved ones around you.

As with the other days, we will assist with understanding the whole food connection and practical tips on how to maximise efforts with the RCP for those dealing with these conditions. We will also highlight the relationship of stress to these conditions and what you can do about it.

Question: Day 3, how are we wrapping these seminars up?

On this last day, we will talk through minerals and the brain and body – which encompasses everything from Alzheimers, stroke, heart disease to metabolic disorders such as diabetes. These conditions are directly connected to mineral dysregulation – but it’s so often overlooked in traditional and “alternative” health models.

So often we are left feeling like we have to go along with what we are told in these areas, and ignoring our gut feeling on the reality – it’s time to gain knowledge and to be able to trust our bodies again, trusting that we know innately how to heal.

Metabolic imbalance doesn’t have to be the big unknown, and power is knowledge, so come and gain some knowledge on how Minerals relate to these areas, so that you can be in the drivers seat within your life and/or support your loved ones to do the same.

Our goal with this event is to help you see where you have been misled and misfed in the past, and how you can use this knowledge in your own life. We want you to understand how this applies to you or your loved ones with these conditions. Don’ t forget, we will also be exploring the science of the RCP, where we will hear some of Morley’s most recent research discoveries relating to specific brain cells and other pathways in the body but also we will help you connect how the RCP as a whole can support the body to heal!