Morley Robbins

Dr. Liz

Kristan Kershaw

Morley Robbins – aka The Magnesium Man, Dr Liz and Kristan Kershaw completed the first leg of their Root Cause Protocol World Tour, with Morley and Liz travelling to Australia in February 2018. Workshops and a retreat were carried out in and around Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The next leg was in Detroit in October and included training for consultants and a seminar where attendees got to chat with both Morley AND the new trainees.

This opportunity will continue in March 2019, when Morley and Dr Liz come to Australia again. This time, we will have the following events:

  • Three 1-day seminars where you will get a full immersion into the RCP from the science to the ‘how do I apply this to my family’ (come to one, come to all, you will learn something new each day!) – 22nd, 23rd, 24th March (Brisbane)
  • Mini consultations with RCP trained consultants and/or healing sessions with Dr Liz- 25th March (Brisbane)
  • RCP Consultant training – for those wanting to learn how they can help others (OR help themselves, as many have done!), this is the way to take your learning to the next level – 29th, 30th, 31st March (Hastings Point, NSW)

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Understanding the RCP, gaining general well-being, practical application and finally getting better

These days will be jam-packed full of Root Cause Protocol foundations, current news, and so much more.

We will provide an agenda to attendees closer to the event, but these are just the beginning of what you will learn and do…
  • Hear from Morley himself about the science of the topic for the day
  • Get to know consultants and how they apply the RCP with their clients and/or at home
  • Learn practical ways to apply the RCP in your home
  • Learn about food selection and preparation
  • Supporting therapies: getting the most out of your healing
  • Story telling to help everyone connect the dots
  • A “Q & A panel” at the end of the day to get your questions answered by Morley, Kristan and others we will invite to join us each day
As with all events Morley is involved in, he has never found a question he couldn’t answer and you will be able to have your burning questions answered as we go.
Attendees will gain knowledge, understanding, confidence and perspective on what the Root Cause Protocol is all about, from early understanding to a little more for those wanting it!


Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond


Autoimmune conditions, Thyroid, Hormones & Disease


Brain, body and beyond:
How Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Heart disease, diabetes, and beyond, connect to minerals?

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When & Where?

22nd, 23rd, 24th of March, 2019

The Tribal Space
777 Stanley St, Woolloongabba QLD 4102

This venue is up a flight of stairs and has internal stairs too for accessing amenities. If you cannot navigate stairs easily without assistance, please contact us to discuss before purchase.

This venue is close to major road networks to make travel easier. Parking options will be nearby and, for those travelling, we can make accommodation recommendations.


Tickets are now available at $250/day or $650 for all 3 days.

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